About Us

A leading company in supplying the best imported quality of ornament used in fabrication of wrought iron gates, fences, staircase and balcony rails.

Artecor Wrought Fabrication Limited are masters in the Designs and Fabrication with the use of wrought iron and imported foreign materials. We design and fabricate every kind of metal Doors, Gates, Fence rails, Hand Rails, Windows flowers, window protectors, Burglary proof protectors and Staircase rails. Our company fabrication workshop is located in (Ebeano Tunnel by Oaklands Hotel) Enugu Nigeria, but we deliver services to clients all over Nigeria and outside. Go through our website to see some of the works we have done. Then head to our contact page to reach out to us at once

Artecor Wrought Fabrication Limited is registered with RC NO: 1427017. The CEO is Mr. Chinedu Akabueze J. Established in 2017, we have a mission to perform mass production of decorative iron, and we are the first in Nigeria. We provide an unsurpassed selection of designs in the highest quality powdercoated finishes available. As interior design trends move forward, count on us to carry the latest styles and finishes.

Artecor Wrought Fabrication Limited is dedicated to providing superior products that meet the highest standards of architects, homebuilders and homeowners. We provide much more than just forged iron products.

Marketing Literature: We offer a wide array of marketing literature designed to supporrt products sales. We have product catalogs, brochures, flyers, post-cards and customised literature available through our authroised dealer program.

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